What is a Web proxy list and how to use it

Some people often criticize the internet for being faceless, but most people enjoy the anonymity guaranteed by the internet. Furthermore, people even want to find ways for safe browsing, without having to enclose their identity and without anyone knowing their IP address. That is why proxy servers are gaining popularity. People use open proxy servers in order to stay anonymous and avoid the internet censorship which is becoming a worry for many proponents of the free internet. But, often there is a problem when one wants to find an open proxy server, and many times you might wonder whether it is really an open proxy server, because you can never be 100% who is behind the website you are on. This is the reason why proxy lists exist. Safe browsing using a web proxy list is guaranteed. This is because you can find many different proxy servers on the list, and make sure you are using the best and the most secure one. You can check few different lists and thus ensure that the proxy you choose is safe.

What is a web proxy list?

You may wonder why many claim that safe browsing using a web proxy list is certain. There is nothing mysterious in safe browsing using a web proxy list. If we speak in laymen’s terms, a proxy list is a webpage where a large number of open proxy servers are listed. Those proxy servers can be HTTP, HTTPS or SOCKS; you can choose whatever you need. The point of a proxy server is to secure your identity when you are searching for data and information on the internet, they are a sort of a safe medium through which you can reach the content you need. Whether your government or somebody else is censoring the internet, or you are afraid that someone is observing your internet communications, and/or for some other reason you are not able to reach the information you need, all you have to do is go to a web proxy list and choose a proxy server. This is how safe browsing using a web proxy list works.

Types of proxies and proxy lists

The safe browsing using a web proxy list starts when you open the proxy list. Usually on these lists the owners of the webpage provide you with information of the speed of the proxy servers and their location, i.e. the country from where the proxy server is hosted. The servers often use different proxy protocols, but most of them utilize the Proxy Server Basics. The safe browsing using a web proxy list will depend on the type of the proxy server you pick. Since most of the proxies are HTTP, you need to know that there are three distinct types of HTTP proxies and those are elite proxies, anonymous proxies and transparent proxies.

Want safety?! – Use a proxy list

If you are looking for safe browsing using a web proxy list, the best type of proxy for you is the elite proxy. They guarantee total protection of your identity. Anonymous proxies protect your identity, but they can easily be discovered. The transparent proxies are used only to optimize the performances, they don’t protect you. If you want to browse the internet safely, simply type ‘proxy list’, or even better – ‘safe browsing using a web proxy list’, the rest is easy.