Free Proxies – The Best Online Protection That You Can Dream Of Having

The use of free proxies has taken strong roots in the online world because of the many benefits obtained. It is also one of the most spoken about aspect about web users. So, what exactly is a proxy? The concept is simple. A proxy server is a virtual middleman between your server and the server where the website that you want to access is

So, all the communication between the both of you happens through this server. The biggest benefit is that your IP, which is the identity of your internet connection, is not known to the destination server because the proxy server hides it. In the recent times, there has been an influx of free proxies on the internet. These are free tools that can be loaded into your computer in order to hide your real IP address.

How are the free proxies used?

While getting a proxy server and installing it in your computer is a complicated task, besides requiring a huge amount of your disk space, the process has now been simplified with the availability of free proxy websites. These websites act exactly on the lines of proxy servers.

All you need to do is give in the URL of the website that you want to browse. You are directed to the required website through the proxy website and your anonymity is maintained. There are a lot of such free proxy websites available on the internet.

You can also make use of free proxy addons. These tools can be downloaded for free and installed in your browser. They do a perfect job of protecting your anonymity with all the websites that you serve through your browser.

Why are proxies used?

Proxies are mainly used for security and to maintain anonymity of the user. In most of the organizations, the use of certain websites is banned because of security reasons. Some websites are not allowed access by people of certain parts of the world. Use of proxies allows the banned people to access the website because their IP is hidden and so, the website cannot filter the connection based on the IP.


Parents can use proxy servers in order to block websites containing adult content. However, the biggest benefit that you gain by the use of free proxy servers is that you get to protect yourself from hacking attempts. Since the free proxy server acts as a buffer between you and the website, any attempts at hacking are thwarted midway and you are safe.

What are the risks involved in using free proxies?

Although highly useful and safe, the use of free proxies comes with certain limitations. Firstly, your browsing speed takes a beating. In order to avoid this problem, you can avoid free proxy addons and choose to browse through free proxy websites.

This works out if you do not need a proxy for all your browsing needs. Another nuisance with proxies is the many ads that keep appearing on your screen. Finally, you need to be very careful when you choose the free proxy server. There are many of them that store your information and browsing history, which might be vulnerable to malicious attacks and hacking. So, choosing a completely secure proxy server is of prime importance.